Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is an I spy bag?

An I spy bag is a toy for children of all ages and adults alike. I use all different patterns of fabric to appeal to everyone. The 7 inch bag has a 2-3 inch vinyl window for viewing. Inside the bag is rice (some people make these using polly pellets, rice is much more environmentally friendly) and little toys, buttons, miniatures and even regular office products. Each bag has 37 hidden objects mingled with the rice. Attached to the bag is a written list of items that can be found in the bag.

These toys are a great quiet activity for the car, church, wedding or other special occasions. They are great gifts for any occasion and offer hours of fun for everyone. These toys are perfect for young children learning to read. They can match words with objects. They are great for children that cannot read yet - it's like a treasure hunt to see all the different things you can find.

Each bag is handmade by me. I created my own pattern and process for creating these bags. Please do not copy my work, but you are more than welcome to purchase my I spy bags! Please email your order to

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