Monday, October 11, 2010


Upcycling isn't a new concept, but I haven't ever found an object that I had a great idea to turn it into!! I am so proud of myself for this awesome project that literally took 5 minutes to complete. Here it is. It is also a do it yourself project if you ever find yourself needing to upcycle a frame!
This awesome frame was a fantastic find at Goodwill!! I love the shape for obvious reason (clue: my store name is The Purse Place) but I hated the fabric. Plus it was just old and dirty. So I bought this bad boy with the idea to reupholster it! Here we go...
Here is the finished product. I was going to keep it a frame but then decided it looked cute as just a purse!

And bonus, since it is a frame I have the option of having it stand upright! SO CUTE! This is going to be such a cute accessory at my next craft fair! So next time you are browsing a thrift store, if you see something you love, but hate the fabric, it's nothing a half yard of fabric and a staple gun can't fix!

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