Monday, November 1, 2010

Planning and Preparing

Well it is time again to get ready for another craft fair! This one is this Saturday and Sunday Nov. 6-7 at the Opera House in McPherson, KS. If you know anyone in central Kansas let them know about this, it is going to be fantastic!
Since I am getting ready I thoughts I'd post some pictures of my newest I spy bags that are in the process of being done! There are several stages to an I spy bag. Let's take a look at a couple of them.

 These cute bags are done and ready to go!

Here are some bags filled up and ready for their final two seams. All seams on every bag are double stitched to make them secure and stable even when being played with by rough children!
This picture is fun because on the bottom left hand of the picture you can see another stage to the process of an I spy bag. They are in the window stage. Right now they are just fabric squares with a window sewn into them. They are need of backs!
 Here are some empty bags ready to be filled. In order to fill a bag I need to get 37 objects, type up a list, laminate the list and then iron my seams so the bag is ready to get filled and sewn. Right now sitting on my table I have 40 bags ready to get sewn up. They are all in multiple stages. I won't get them all done for this Saturday, but my next craft fair is Nov. 20 so they will definitely be done for that! Do you see a new fabric you like? I have a new display for these upcoming fairs, so I'm SO excited to show you my new look! Stay tuned!

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