Saturday, December 11, 2010

Park Place Ministry Center, Wichita KS, 12/11/2010

Today I had my final craft fair of the year! I was very excited for this. Especially after my last craft fair experience, I was looking forward to getting back to at least average.

I found this craft fair through a google search, and then an email from a vendor I met at a previous show. I decided since the booth fee was only $20 I would take a chance and sign up. I also assumed that since it was on South Maize Road that it was on a busy street. I should have looked this up on a map to make sure my assumption was correct.

The organizers were very friendly, and helpful. They talked about all the different methods of advertising they put into this fair and so I'm sure they tried their best to spread the word.

In all actuality the attendance was very poor. There were tons of booths. I thought the number was 50, but when we got there, I think there were well over 50 booths. Everyone was happy and hopeful, but there just wasn't any traffic. I only sold 3 bags and they were to other vendors.  This was the first year of this show, so perhaps in a few years (if it continues on) it will be established with traffic, but for now I'll pass on it. Ask me in a few years if I want to join up again!

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