Monday, January 31, 2011

Pocket Change Opportunity

 I am usually game to try different programs to earn rewards, points, prizes or some cash. I participate in several survey companies (I have done this for years) and have made some money and turned in points for lots of fun toys for my kids. I also play around on Swagbucks every once in a while so I could be someone's referral and get them bonus points. I like doing things like this because to me, $5 gained is more than I had before.
So here is a new program I'm going to try out, and of course without referrals it is basically worthless so I thought I would blog about it and see if anyone else wanted to give it a try with me. It is called Varolo and you basically watch advertisements to make money. It's free as far as money goes, but it will require time. The website says about 10 minutes a day on average. My referral link is
I need referrals so I can build my "village" and then together we start rolling in the money! :) Just kidding, but you do need referrals to make any money, so if you are at all curious, or like to try these things as they come up, like I do, click my referral like and off you go. They have a couple videos to watch on how the whole process works if you are interested! I'm excited! Here is the video on how compensation works:

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