Saturday, February 12, 2011

Adding some Pizazz and Extra Life

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Since my daughter start preschool, she has been a little bit harder on her clothes. Recently two pairs of her jeans came home from preschool with holes in the knee. I did NOT want to go buy new pants since I'm pretending spring and summer is right around the corner. So I needed to bring these perfectly good pants back to life!! The solution was to take her to the store to pick out her favorite patches. On the wrong side of the pants I put a jean patch over the hole. I then added an assortment of patches on the actual hole, plus all over the rest of the pants. I didn't want to make it very obvious that I was trying to hide a hole, so by scattering patches all over it looks like I was just adding some pizazz to her pants. She loves it, and I don't have to buy her new pants! Win, win!!

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