Friday, February 25, 2011

Interested in Hosting a Craft Group?

I am so excited about Makia that I can't help but share it here! I love to make crafts, but I also love when I have a pattern to copy. I'm not too good at coming up with original ideas. Makia Creations is a company that sells craft kits!! Everything you need to make a super cute craft comes included together. I'm talking any paint, brushes, stain... everything you need! It is so awesome! Anyway, I have become a craft group leader with Makia!! This means that if you were interested in hosting a craft group with your friends, you can use my code to get wholesale prices, also if you are the host, you get a free craft kit!! It is so fun to get together with your friends and have a productive night out! Of course treats along with it are also fantastic!! You can visit Makia and see what cute craft kits they currently have available. New ones are constantly being added! If you find there are project you would like to do, gather some friends and figure out quantities. Once you are ready to order you can type in 056stefanie and apply my wholesale discount to your order! If you host a group, email me and let me know so I can make sure you also get the free hostess kit of your choice. Once you have hosted a craft night with your friends, and decide you love it, you can become a craft group leader too! Tell them Stefanie Cornwall sent you to them! :)  Let me know if you are interested, it really is such a great idea and so exciting!!

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