Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Handmade Faire, Medford NJ July 2010,

This  show is perhaps one of the best shows in all of New Jersey. Coordinated by fellow Etsy member OriginalAbbey, this show has grown to include 90+ juried handmade vendors in an outdoor setting. ( A juried show is a show where the organizers request images of the artists creations. They will then select the best of the best from each category to appear. The organizers will look at the work of the artist, and often ask for an image of the artist's show display.)

The Handmade Faire, as an example, will limit the number of vendors in specific categories, such as jewelry (because they receive dozens of jewelry applications) For an artist new to vending at a craft fair, attending a juried show as a visitor is a great way to pick up ideas, and tips on creating a professional-looking display, and it's also a great way to learn of upcoming shows from vendors who are regulars on the craft show "circuit".

This past year, the show was held in July, in 95+ degree weather and the shows traffic still was a couple thousand people. The prior year, it was just a bit cooler, and several thousand attended. I was barely able to leave my tent display, and there were periods when people were waiting outside my tent trying to get in...that's how CRAZY BUSY it was.

Always well-promoted, and well-attended by both quality vendors and potential customers that appreciate and love to buy handmade items. The last 2 years, people actually stayed home instead of going to the beach for the weekend, to attend this show!

If I can do only one show per year, this is the show. 5 out of 5 stars.

Robin S

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