Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Market, McPherson KS, 11/6/2010

This craft fair had a pretty average booth fee at $25. The application process was pretty lax, as was the event itself (which I did not mind). The booths at this fair were spread over several floors of the Opera House in McPherson. That was a little annoying, because friends that had come to see me, had a hard time finding me.
I don't know how many years this had been running, but it wasn't the first year. I was concerned that this event hadn't been publicized very much because it wasn't on facebook and there weren't fliers in the windows in town like there usually are for events in this town. I of course put this on facebook and invited everyone I know relatively close to this town.
The event coordinators were very flexible as far as set up times went, which I really appreciated, and even though this was a 2 day show, they let me take down and not participate the second day, which I also really appreciated!
Parking for this event was adequate for a medium crowd. There is parking in the rear of the Opera House and some in front.
Attendance to this show ended up being pretty good. I was please because I met my goal of 10 bags. I wanted to repeat my first show to build my confidence, and really feel like my product was a great thing for the people.

Overall I really liked this show. I liked being close to home, seeing friends and I sold well. It was a really great time! I give this show 4 out of 5 stars!

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