Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have searched the internet looking for craft fairs to join and in all my searches I have found a couple things. First, there are very few sites that offer any of that information for free (which is ridiculous since you already have to pay to be a vendor) and second, I haven't ever seen a site that has reviews of these events after the fact to either praise or warn for future vendors. I haven't done a lot of craft shows, but I did do my fourth one today and I feel the need to beginning review the fairs I attend. I would love to be able to help people know what was a great show, a good show or one to avoid all together! So here I begin my on going series on fair reviews! I have four fairs to catch you up on so I will start with my first craft show and then proceed in date sequential order.

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Kim Detmers said...

There is a site called Zapplications. They list shows all over the country and it is free to sign up. I have found it very useful in searching for shows close to me.

Great idea to review shows. I know that you cannot judge a show by one vendor as far as sales go, however you can get a feeling for the attendance and the way it is organised and run which is helpful.