Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barn Sale Review - Hesston, KS 10/3/2010

The craft fair in Hesston was at the coordinators home. This fair was kind of "off the beaten path" so when I arrived I was a little nervous about the foot traffic, BUT it was a free show, so I couldn't complain either way. The lady in charge had a really big property for the 20+ booths that were there, plus a great space for a parking lot. It was an outdoor show, but I had a tent so the sun wasn't a problem. There were some really windy times, so that was annoying. She put signs up all over the roads leading up to her home and all over downtown Hesston. There ended up being a great turn out, and since it was my very first show I felt it went well for me. My total I spy bags sold there were 10. Thus began 10 bags being what I compare all future shows too.

This was a great show for being the first year! I will definitely do it again if it happens again next year! Especially if it remains free, that would be an awesome break from all the vendor fees at every other show! I give it 4 (out of 5) Stars!

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